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 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Garth Dahlstrom) wrote:

> > $sometext2split = "hello world  with    a  lot   of    whitespaces!";
> > $myarray = preg_split ("/\s+/",$sometext2split);
> > 
> > you should get
> > $myarray := ['hello', 'world', 'with', 'a', 'lot', 'of', 'whitespaces!']
> That's not what I'm after though.... 
> I'd be happy if I could even get:
> $myarray = ["hello ", "world  ","with    ","a  ","lot   ",
> "of    ","whitespaces!"]
> 'cause I could spell check based on trimming the entry.

Maybe you've already tried this and rejected this for some reason, but my 
inclination would be to split on "\b" (the non-character boundary between a 
"\s+" next to a "\w+").


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