I'm working with a third-party PHP extension that makes a call to
zend_auto_global_disable_jit. However, in PHP5.4.5, there is no
zend_auto_global_disable_jit available, nor is it in its traditional
header. Commenting out all zend_auto_global_disable_jit calls causes
PHP to no longer recognize it as a valid extension, while leaving them
in attempts for an invalid method to be called.

The file in question is
https://github.com/mtorromeo/runkit/blob/master/runkit.c line 305. As
is relatively obvious, it's not part of a macro, and its removal
should not affect whether the library is a PHP extension or not -
perhaps it's based on PHP's static analysis? If it doesn't call the
function, it would access a global, possibly before the global has
been JIT initialized by the runtime. If this is the case, what is the
replacement function for PHP 5.4.5?

James Moore

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