Hi, Farzan

I do not really get your point of confusion ...

What you've posted here are tools/frameworks that do not to the same stuff
at all, yes you could even use all without missing something ...

.. is a full-stack PHP-Framework. Yes, I have to say that there's quite a
bunch of full-stack frameworks in PHP you could choose and I myself would
recommend one by knowing how much experience you have in PHP :)

.. is a template-engine for PHP. If you want to use smarty, twig, php
itself or another library as template-engine is up to you. Using a
template-engine for some programmers I know just feel like a better
separation between the view and the controler/model (search for
ModelViewControler if you don't know what I mean here).

.. is an IDE where you can develop with. I prefer to use PhpStorm, others
use EclipsePDT, Notepad++ or even the basic editor of windows. This is just
about syntax-highlight, code-completion and other things helping you to
develop your code.

Hope that helps :)


On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 2:10 PM, Farzan Dalaee <farzan.dal...@gmail.com>wrote:

> hi guys
> i really confuse by choosing the best work station for php ( cakephp ,
> smarty , net bean , ... ) , please give me some advisdes.
> and please tell why which one is better,
> tnx
> best regards farzan

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