Hi Daniel and gang:

Considering I'm never afraid to show my ignorance, please review the following 

Because of the way I normally use sessions and considering this way works for 
me, I thought I knew what sessions were about -- but my faith is eroding.

Cases in point

1. The following is the way I normally use sessions (with COOKIES turned ON):


It works.

2. Considering that people may have their COOKIES turned OFF, I tried this:


It works when COOKIES are turned ON, but the SID does not appear in the URL -- 
I find that odd.

However, if COOKIES are turned OFF, then SID does appear in the URL, but the 
process of passing session variables doesn't work -- I find that confusing. 
What's the point of passing the SID if it isn't going to be used?

3. Looking for an explanation, I came across Daniel's post to the PHP manual, 
which follows:


Now I am totally bonkers.

What am I not getting?




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