I have a calendar script which I wrote with the following section of code.

     $HTTP_POST_VARS["MsgId"]!="" &&
     ereg("^([0-9])+$",$HTTP_POST_VARS["MsgId"]) ) {

$sqltxt1="delete from CalendarData where ID='".
  or die ("Unable to execute query - $sqltxt1");

header ("Location: $SCRIPT_NAME?OrgID=$OrgID&CalID=$CalID&".

The code gets called by from a form to delete a event from the calendar.

The problem is this.  In netscape 4.7 (Windows & Linux) after I click the 
delete button on the form I get the error  "The document contained no 
data"  but the event is deleted from the calendar.

What has me really confused is that it my script works great in IE4,IE5 and 
Lynx. (I haven't tried anything else)

Also if I change the code as follows it works on netscape but it goes the 
month view of the calendar instead of the day view.  Which isn't what I want.

header ("Location: $SCRIPT_NAME?OrgID=$OrgID&CalID=$CalID&".

The url for accessing the document is

If I change my code to
echo "Location: $SCRIPT_NAME?OrgID=$OrgID&CalID=$CalID&".

I get a web page with the following line.


Obviously since this is working in IE my code isn't completely screwed 
up.  So I am wondering if anyone has seen this behavior?  Am I breaking a 
length barrier that netscape is enforcing?

I have tried this same code on apache 1.3.12 with php 4.02 & apache 1.3.19 
with php 4.06 both with the same results.

Any help would be great.


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