Serves me right for not starting this earlier, but I need to take a machine to site in the morning and now something is not playing ball.

Windows XP 32bit up to date with updates ...

PHP5.4.4 installed from up and running fine from command line and via php -S giving clean phpinfo with all the modules expected.
at C:/Network/PHP5 - which is also in the windows path.

Apache2.4.2 installed from and working fine
at C:/Network/Apache

Apache module from copied to C:/Network/PHP5 and the latest VisualC++ libraries installed

Enabling 'LoadModule' is giving the
Cannot load C:/Network/PHP5/php5apache2_4.dll into server:
The specified module could not be found."

Normally I'd just assume that PHP was not starting up, but since PHP is running from command line and the .dll is in the right place I'm now a little confused as to what I'm missing ...

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