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On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 10:22 PM, Jim Giner
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> When one executes a phpinfo call, the display of info broken into the
> various sections mostly makes sense. The $_SERVER vars are listed with a
> _SERVER name, the environment ones show _ENV, and so on. But I question
> what are the duplicate ones that dont' have a prefix name.
> My concern is the PHP_AUTH_PW setting, which I was able to remove from the
> ENV and SERVER sections, but not from the section titled "Environment".
> How
> does one do this?

Those are the ones returned from getenv [1] or apache_getenv [2], and
you can set them using putenv [3] resp. apache_setenv [4].

- Matijn

#1 - getenv does return the value that I expect
#2 - apache_getenv is not recognized by my php  It's in the php.net manual, 
but my editor doesn't like it and php errors out on it.  ??
#3 - I tried putenv to set the value to something like '' and then I did a 
phpinfo - now I have two names - one with a password and one with '' in it.
[1] www.php.net/getenv
[2] www.php.net/apache_getenv
[3] www.php.net/putenv
[4] www.php.net/apache_setenv 

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