On 12-06-21 10:27 PM, Daevid Vincent wrote:
Huh? Why is this equal??!

        php>  $id = '444-44444';

        php>  var_dump($id, intval($id));
        string(9) "444-44444"

        php>  if (intval($id) == $id) echo 'equal'; else echo 'not equal';

or in other words:

        php>  if (intval('444-44444') == '444-44444') echo 'equal'; else
echo 'not equal';

I would expect PHP to be evaluating string "444-44444" against integer "444"
(or string either way)

however, just for giggles, using === works...

        php>  if ($id === intval($id)) echo 'equal'; else echo 'not equal';
        not equal

Using === will always fail because on the left you have a string and on the right you have an integer which fails exact comparison based on datatype mismatch.

When comparing a string to an integer using == PHP performs type juggling and converts the string to an integer first.

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