Thanks Erwin and Matijn.

On 2 July 2012 17:32, Matijn Woudt <> wrote:
> This is most likely a bug in PHP. A deconstructor is called when there
> are no references left to the object. Since this class uses the libXML
> library, it is likely that there are still references from the libXML
> open on the object, which is why it will never be destroyed.
> Anyway, you should report this bug to the PHP devs (at

Yes, that sounds plausible. As a quick hack, I tried adding a
destructor to the SimpleXMLElement extension, but that wasn't called

I'll submit a bug report.

> If you really need this, it's probably best to create a class that
> does not really extend SimpleXMLElement, but you create one inside the
> constructor, and just forward all function calls to the
> SimpleXMLElement object you've created in the constructor.

I've been playing with that today, and it looks like a workable solution.

Thanks for your help!


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