>> [snip] Is this list less busy than it used to be? Or is it just me? When I 
>> used to be on this list ISTR sometimes being overwhelmed by email. [/snip]
> One other factor is Stackoverflow 

I have no idea, but I assume ^^^ Jay is right.  Even if/when I am the total 
noob, why post here when I can build up SO rep points with which to leverage 
the chance to later command more helpful feedback when i *really* need it.. 
simply by accepting an answer to my question....  let alone the boons that come 
from making greater contributions there.

Plus so many of the most common Qs and As are already found by Googling - 
countless blogs, etc.

I don't count the reduced traffic here as scary at all (I am a subscriber here 
since 2008, I think).   We (PHP users/programmers) are still here.   ...in (I 
assume) greater numbers (and skill) than ever... and armed with even 
more/better tools than ever with which to zero in on just the skill level (or 
topic) that we need/want to zero in on.

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