Hi, All

May you have an idea ...

Here's the full code-example:

I have the following SQL command:

SELECT max(r.month+r.year*100), r.year, r.month
FROM base b LEFT JOIN remote r ON b.id = r.remote_id
GROUP BY r.remote_id

Now I expect that the first column in the results should look like a
combination of the second and third one .. so f.e. this:
array(3) { ["max(r.month+r.year*100)"]=> string(6) "201201" ["year"]=>
string(4) "2012" ["month"]=> string(2) "01" }

But instead I get this result:
array(3) { ["max(r.month+r.year*100)"]=> string(6) "201201" ["year"]=>
string(4) "2011" ["month"]=> string(2) "12" }

I tested it on Windows7 (PHP 5.4.4, SQLiteLib v3.7.7.1), where I get the
result as shown above ... and I've also tested it on a fresh installation
on LinuxArch (PHP 5.4.4 and SQLiteLib v3.7.13) - where it works as
expected! A college of mine has tested it on OSX (PHP 5.3.7 and SQLiteLib
v3.7.13) and he gets the same result as I on the windows version.
Someone of you have an idea?
Maybe had the same problem before ... what could it be?

I thought it might a problem of the SQLite-lib but both, the LinuxArch and
the OSX system, have the same SQLite version - and both, the windows and
the LinuxArch version, have the same PHP-version.

Even if the example just uses PDO, I've also tested this using the native
SQLite3 lib and I got at least the same result on Windows. Haven't tested
the other systems with the native SQLite3 lib.


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