On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Floyd Resler <fres...@adex-intl.com> wrote:
> I want to have an alert pop up to let the user know their session is about to 
> expire.  Would the best approach be to do a timer in Javascript or check it 
> in PHP.  I'm storing session data in a MySQL database so I can know when a 
> session will expire.  If I check it through PHP will the session expiration 
> refresh when I check it?

    If the browser is accessing the script, even in the background
(such as via AJAX calls), it'll renew the session.  What you could do
is populate some JavaScript to count down to the expiry, or - if
you're storing sessions via MySQL or something similar - check the
record manually via a non-session-enabled script.

> BTW, is Arby's having a roast beef sale or something?  Everyone on the list 
> seems to be gone!

    Better not be.  I just had lunch 90 minutes ago.  (Though, since
it was homemade wood-smoked barbecue beef brisket with pickles and red
onions on a kaiser roll, I guess I can't complain.)

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