Nowadays contributing to an OSS-project is (thankfully) often just a matter
of creating a github account and sending a pull request. Because you
mentioned the ZF, have a look at it's github mirror [1]. There is also a
section about contributing in the readme-file. Other projects have similar


[1] https://github.com/zendframework/zf2/

2012/7/12 Ziad Jammal <z...@eljammal.com>

> Deal all phpiers,
> It took me a while before I hit the send key.
> I have been a php developer for some time and I got certified beginning of
> this year.
> I have always wanted to start contributing to php and zend framework, but
> I am unable to find the right docs, examples, and the "how".
> I know it might be a simple task, but I appreciate your support as I
> really want to contribute some good stuff to the php community.
> Appreciate if someone can share a reported  bug, how he traced its
> location and how he got it fixed.
> Many thanks,
> Ziad
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