I have started to develop a simple MVC framework.

I have a base controller class which is abstract and all of the
controllers are inherited from that. Every controller contains actions
represented by methods. (E. g. there is a controller for managing
product items in a webshop, and there are seperate actions for create,
modify, remove, etc.) There is also a default action (usually an index
page), which is used when nothing is requested.

But what is the best way to invoke an action? I can't do it with the
baseController constructor, becouse parent class can't see inherited
classes. And I can't do it with the constructor of the inherited
class, becouse this way I would overwrite the parent constructor. And
as far as I know, it is not a good practice to call a method outside
of the class, becouse the concept of operation of the class should be
hidden from the other parts of the application.

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