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> Hi,
> I have started to develop a simple MVC framework.
> I have a base controller class which is abstract and all of the controllers 
> are
> inherited from that. Every controller contains actions represented by
> methods. (E. g. there is a controller for managing product items in a
> webshop, and there are seperate actions for create, modify, remove, etc.)
> There is also a default action (usually an index page), which is used when
> nothing is requested.
> But what is the best way to invoke an action? I can't do it with the
> baseController constructor, becouse parent class can't see inherited classes.
> And I can't do it with the constructor of the inherited class, becouse this 
> way I
> would overwrite the parent constructor. And as far as I know, it is not a good
> practice to call a method outside of the class, becouse the concept of
> operation of the class should be hidden from the other parts of the
> application.
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Hi Simon,

You'll probably want to look at Bootstrapping your framework too. Ideally the 
bootstrap will include (or have an autoload function) to load your classes - 
controllers/models/views, and it'll also deal with routing so deciding which 
controller and action to call based on the URL, this usually involves doing an 
explode() on the $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], and using Apache's mod_rewrite to 
forward all requests to your bootstrap (often named index.php)

Building frameworks and going through the motions are a great way to build up 
experience and play with areas of the language you might not normally use, you 
might want to get inventive with the Reflection class to check actions or 
controllers exist and then forward the user to a 404 page later on.



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