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> Hi all,
> Wondering about the difference between PECL and PEAR, I found:
> http://board.phpbuilder.com/showthread.php?10339238-Pecl-vs-Pear
> Is it a suitable answer?

    It's close.

    PECL (sometimes pronounced "pickle") stands for PHP Extension
Community Library, which is - as the name suggests - a library of PHP
extensions.  Things like APC, memcache, amqp, and sqlite are examples
of popular PECL extensions.  PECL is a repository of compiled

    By contrast, PEAR - the PHP Extension and Application Repository -
is actually not a library of extensions in the common definition,
despite what the name suggests.  Instead, it's a collection of
unrelated reusable components, written in PHP, to be used for
application development.  PEAR is technically considered a framework,
but is more commonly used as individual classes, as opposed to a full
framework deployment in the traditional sense, such as Yii, Zend,
CodeIgniter, 2x4, et al.  Popular PEAR packages include Mail,
PHP_Codesniffer, Date_Holidays, and various API service components
such as those used with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  PEAR components
are supposed to follow the PEAR Coding Standard as well.

    If unsure which library to check for a given component, consider
the following: PEAR components are always First_Letter_Capitalized,
while PECL extensions are generally not.

> If so, several Linux ditribution have:
> * php-pecl-xxx (PECL)
> * php-pear-vvv (PEAR)
> * php-yyy  (???)
> packages (rpm and deb).
> What about the last kind?

    php-pecl-xxx, php5-pecl, et cetera, are the PECL support libraries
and may also refer to PECL extensions.

    php-pear-vvv, php5-pear, et cetera, are the PEAR support libraries
and may also refer to PEAR components.

    php-yyy, php5-yyy, et cetera, are individual packages.  For
example, php_mysql or php5-cli.

    If possible, however, when installing PECL or PEAR packages, use
the pecl or pear command line tool, respectively.  For example:

        pecl install pdo_sqlite

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