Alex Nikitin wrote:
So for serial for example, you can just open the port up and work with
it like a socket; read/write binary data. As far as parallel port
goes, trickier, you may need to call out to an external program, or
write a module if you need direct interaction in php. Real question is
why in the world would you want to use PHP for this to begin with. I
mean sure you can write your own vfat implementation in PHP, etc, etc,
but it doesn't mean that it's a good idea to do so.

Well I use the parallel port to switch over channels on the PA system and control other things such as camera selection. While the PHP web pages have access to do it, they send a message to an old windows application and that talks to the parallel port. It would be nice to eliminate the messaging on smaller setups, along with the windows box, but it's worked for 15+ years ...

I did simply assume that the question was one of writing data in terms of switching pins on and off rather than streaming files over the link :)

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