Mike Mackintosh wrote:
>> What protocol are you targeting? FTP, SFTP, SSH, SMB, etc? 
From: Brian Dunning <br...@briandunning.com>
> Regular Windows networking.

If you're using a 'Doze box, and you want to use PHP functions like rename(),
then IIRC the only real option that you have is to do something like:

system("net use m: \\BORG\SHARE PASSWORD /user:DOMAIN\USER");
system("net use n: \\MACHINE\SHARE2 PASSWORD2 /user:DOMAIN2\USER2");
/* more stuff */
system("net use n: \\MACHINE\SHARE2 /delete");
// equivalent of "umount //machine/share2"

However, there may be a better/easier/more elegant way to do these things. 
Not sure; our PHP-running machines are all running Linux.

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