when your do php x64 version? or tell me how i do it. 

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From:  "Stas Malyshev"<smalys...@sugarcrm.com>;
Date:  Fri, Aug 3, 2012 11:48 AM
To:  "PHP Internals"<intern...@lists.php.net>; 

Subject:  [PHP] PHP 5.4.6RC1 Released for Testing!


I've released PHP 5.4.6RC1 which can be found here:
Windows binaries as always are at:

This is a regular bugfix release, the full list of issues fixed can be
found in the NEWS files. Please test and report if anything is broken.

If no critical issues is found in this RC, the final version will be
released in two weeks.

    Stas Malyshev and David Soria Parra

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