we are using informix 7.31.UC6 as our database server.
when we are trying to connect informix by dbaccess we are setting
the below environment variables are as:
export DBNLS=1;export LANG=tr_TR;export LC_COLLATE=tr_TR.ISO8859-9;export

but when we are rying to vonnect informix by PHP i am using the following
commands to set those variables
$veri_baglan = ifx_connect("mydb@ol_srv1" ,"XXX","XXX");
                if (! $veri_baglan) die ("Informix connection error");

but I am usually getting this connection error message:

Warning: ifx_connect : E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-23115] in
/home/sapphire/public_html/PHP/lib_functions/a.php on line 18
Informix connection error

and sometimes, strangely we are connecting to the database..

the informix configuration in the php.ini file is as:

ifx.allow_persistent = On
ifx.max_persistent = -1
ifx.max_links = -1
ifx.textasvarchar = 0
ifx.byteasvarchar = 0
ifx.charasvarchar = 0
ifx.blobinfile = 0
ifx.nullformat = 0

This error information is about locales,but the env. variables are set to
true values that we can connect
to database from command prompt, and sometimes by PHP.. What is the problem,
why are we sometimes connecting and sometimes not able to? What else should
I set or do?

Thank you for the answers..

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