D. Dante Lorenso wrote:
The school I work with wants to set up PHP and MySQL hosting for about 10,000
I suspect that if you have a lot of students active at once you will need a few machines to support this. I'd certainly recommend a separate machine running the database and not MySQL but that is my own pet hate ;) - postgres would be preferable if only to get new users trained in a better standard. I run firebird database servers myself.

Apache can be configured to provide individual logins, and it's ring fencing their data areas that is the important bit, but you will need a lot of storage space for 10000 users.

I see that in 5.4, PHP safe-mode is being removed.  How is it supposed to be
done if not safe-mode?
It was the wrong solution to the problem.
But as with much that is happening on PHP today, killing things off is being actioned without any real documented support as to how to replace it. Not their problem is the usual response when we ask how something should be done like this :(

Are all the hosting providers using suExec and running PHP as CGI or FastCGI?
If I'm trying to do this the right way, what way is that? Anyone got link or
pointers on what I need to learn?
Another one is suphp but that seems to have stalled?

Having been scuppered recently because SUSE seems to have lost it's way as well, I've just started a setup using Debian so I can get the latest Apache and PHP, and one link that poped up which looks useful is http://x10hosting.com/forums/vps-tutorials/148894-debian-apache-2-2-fastcgi-php-5-suexec-easy-way.html . I have always used the apache php module, so was looking to give CGI a try as a comparison, but I don't have any need for the cross user security myself. My users just access their material at the PHP level, securely stored in their own databases :)

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