On 12-08-09 08:01 PM, Al wrote:
Getting "Too many open files" error when processing an email batch process.

The batch size is actually rather small and the email text is small likewise.

I've looked extensively and can't find more than about 100 files that could be
open.  All my fetching is with get_file_contents();

I can't find a way to see what files could be open or what the limit is.

Site is on a shared server, cPanel.
THIS is probably your problem. Too many open files indicates that either the user OR the OS has reached its limit of allowed open file handles. Open files are those used by the OS and every user on the shared server. The setting can be changed but you'll need an administrator to increase the number of allowed open files. I suspect it's at the OS level if indeed you only have 100 files open (though you likely have more due to files opened for you by the OS or whatnot.

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