hi, i have a very annoying problem with unlink()
i use win7 and wamp server (apache 2.2.22 & php 5.4.3)
when i try to use unlink:

SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
Warning: unlink(aaa/bbb.ccc): Permission denied in C:\wamp\www\ddd\index.php on line /34/

neither the folder, nor the files are read-only. i give every user on win, all the permissions on folders & files. i look on google for same error, but nothing useful. some says 'you need to give PHP delete permission' but didnt say how. i run wamp with Run as Administrator. by the way, php can write, create (copy(),file_put_contents(),move_uploaded_file(),mkdir()) files or folders. there is no problem with it and there is no problem with deleting (rmdir) folders too. but there is problem when it comes to the deleting files.

i really need some suggestions about how to solve this, its really annoying and i dont want to throw my pc to the wall or punch it on the screen.

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