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Hi. My question will maybe out of topic, I'm sorry.
How can you know that one way will be much slower than other one? I mean, how 
can I learn which function is faster before I test it?


No your question is on topic.

This question should be asked on the list, so I'll present Q:A instead of 
answering privately


The code is there -- if you have questions, please post them to the list.


Please see the current signature for microtime():

    mixed microtime ([ bool $get_as_float = false ] )

The optional paramter was added in PHP 5.0.0. I think it's safe to update your 
habits :)




Thanks -- my habits are always in a state of being updated -- just ask my wife.

I'm not sure if you're making a joke, but your changes have no effect. You've merely explicitly stated the optional parameter's default value. What I had meant was to change the following:


$starttime = microtime();
$startarray = explode(" ", $starttime);
$starttime = $startarray[1] + $startarray[0];


To the following :)


$starttime = microtime( true );


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