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> This relates to a minor dilemma I come across from time and time, and I'm
> looking for advice on pros and cons and best practice. Last night I
> encountered it again.
> Within a site I have a User object, and within page code would like to have
> if ($crntUser->isASubscriber) {...}
> There seems to be two ways to handle this:
> I can have a User object method "getSubscriberStatus()" which sets
> $this->isASubscriber. But to use this I would have to run the method just
> before the if statement.
> Or I could have a method "isASubscriber()" which returns the result,
> meaning the if statement should be
> if ($crntUser->isASubscriber()) {...}

or you just set User::$isASubscriber before.
or you can utilise __get()

I don't really get the problem. You can for example set the property right
after instanciation, or during instanciation (constructor).

$this->isASubscriber = !empty($subscriptions); // or something like that


> While this is last night's specific example, I seem to face the
> method-setting-variable or the method-returning-result-**directly
> decision quite often.
> Is either of these approaches preferable, or does it simply not matter?
> Thanks
> Roddie Grant
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