If you need to change the domain completely, choose "301".

- Crawler will recognize it and will update their indexes quite soon. Especially you avoid "duplicate content"-punishments, because you say yourself, that the content originally comes from another domain, that isn't anymore (Like "It's not a duplicate, it's _the_ content, but under a different address"). - The delay is negliable. Also as soon as every index were updated no "new" visitor should enter your site via the old domain. Browser should (don't know wether they do, or not) recognize "301" too and redirect any further request to the url on their own (think of it as "they cache the redirect permanently").

If this change is only temporary I would recommend using "307" to avoid duplicate contents. I would even say, that a 307-redirect from somenewdomain.com to somedomain.com is more appropiate, but that depends.


Am 17.08.2012 21:35, schrieb Tristan:
So, I need to change from somedomain.com to somenewdomain.com

I was thinking of doing this

1) create an alias to the site somenewdomain.com to point to current server
2) run permanent 301 redirect from somedomain.com to somenewdomain.com

I was thinking this was a clean safe way to do it so we dont have to run a
global find replace.

Concerns might be but, I don't know for sure?

1) SEO
2) processing / time / cost for the 301 redirect on any old

What do you guys think?

Thanks, T

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