On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 8:12 PM, Suraj Shah <su...@aifa.net> wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Ashley.
> I’m getting the attached error message which I can’t seem to solve. If it’s 
> just a matter of adding code to use for a library, would this be possible? 
> How do I go about configuring it?
> Many thanks,
> Suraj


Attachments usually don't work at mailing lists, you should paste it
in your mail, or use something like pastebin. Second, you should
bottom post at this (and probably any) mailing list.
About your question, you can install the php-pear package if you don't
have it from your package manager, and then all you have to do is call
pear install <package>
and you're done.

- Matijn

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