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> Hi all, 
> I am a newbie to PHP. I have several php forms which were originally on 
> separate pages now included in the one page. Each form had the following code 
> in it: 
> function mysql_fix_string($string){   if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) $string = 
> stripslashes($string);    return mysql_real_escape_string($string);}
> function mysql_entities_fix_string($string){  return 
> htmlentities(mysql_fix_string($string));}
> However I am only able to include it in one of the forms on the new page with 
> multiple scripts due to the fatal error that I can only declare the function 
> once. So for testing I have commented these lines out of the other scripts. I 
> need to know what the security implications of this are? Do the scripts that 
> do not contain these lines run without it or is it included automatically 
> every time the database is accessed regardless of which script is accessing 
> it? 
> If not how do I deal with it? 
> thanks in advanceRosie                                                  

My advice -- place your common functions into one file (i.e., functions.php) 


At the start of every script that needs any of the functions contained therein.

As for rolling several forms into one, here are some of the ways I do it:





PS: If anyone see's anything in error, please feel free to correct me. As a 
very talented harmonica player once said "Sometimes I suck and sometime I blow."
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