Greetings all,

I am having some trouble with running a stored proc on an MSSQL DB.
I am new to using MSSQL.

$link = mssql_connect($server, $db, $password);


                die('Error connecting to MSSQL database at '.$server);

} else {
                $storedproc = "SP_DialerValidLead";

                $param = "ValidLeadText";

                $stmt = mssql_init($storedproc, $link)

                                or die("Unable to initialize");

                mssql_bind($stmt, "@".$param, $xmlstring, SQLTEXT, FALSE)

                                or die("Unable to bind

                $result = mssql_execute($stmt);



Apparently there is no data getting passed to the stored proc.

The $xmlstring is a valid xml string and the variable is properly set in
the code above.

Is there something obvious in how I am trying to call the stored proc with
the PHP code?
Any ideas or further questions?

Blessed Be


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