$words = preg_split('/[[:space:]]+/',$mynewstring);

foreach ($words as $word) {

print_r ($freq);

ksort($freq) sorts the array by the key. And that works fine.
But I would also like to sort by value to see which words are more frequent.
There is no |ascending/descending option to ksort?|
ksort sorts by key, if you want by value, look at sort.
As to asc/desc sort, they just have a different name. ksort and sort
are asc, krsort and rsort are desc equivalents.
- Matijn
I'm fuzzy when it comes to arrays. I never get what I want right.

Sort does not work seamlessly. I have my key and

print_r ($freq);

looks like:

    [1000] => 172
    [1001] => 176
    [1002] => 179
    [1003] => 441

This is what I want:

    [and] => 172
    [of] => 176
    [to] => 179
    [the] => 441

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