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> The problem is I'm sorting the key. The alphabetical thing is in the key.
> David OBrien wrote:

Taken from the natsort manual page comments:

 * keyNatSort does a natural sort via key on the supplied array.
 * @param   $array      The array to natural sort via key.
 * @param   $saveMemory If true will delete values from the original
array as it builds the sorted array.
 * @return  Sorted array on success. Boolean false if sort failed or
null if the object was not an array.
function keyNatSort($array, $saveMemory=false)
        $keys = array_keys($array);
            $result = array();
            foreach($keys as $key)
                $result[$key] = $array[$key];

            $result = false;
        $result = null;

    return $result;

- Matijn

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