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> Op 6 sep. 2012 12:48 schreef "rene7705" <rene7...@gmail.com> het volgende:
>> Hi Folks..
> <snip>
>> I seem to have figured most of this out, but before I embark on weeks
>> of coding, I'd like to give the SQL experts here a chance to convince
>> me to stick to MySQL for my data storage and distribution needs. I'd
>> love to hear of a simple way to efficiently store and operate a forum
>> with tree-structures for both subforums and threads->messages using
>> MySQL, as my live hoster does not support RAMdisks, not without
>> charging me about 70 euro per month instead of the $7 I pay now ;)
>> Ok, thanks for reading and possibly considering all this,
>>  Rene
> Hi Rene,
> I don't call myself an sql expert, but well.. sql is great, but not the
> most efficient. There are more people like you that thought about storing
> data in json. This has proven to be faster in most situations, that's why
> popular platforms like facebook and Twitter don't use sql anymore. Have a
> look at MongoDB for example, it uses bson,binary json. That seems to do
> exactly what you want and you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can
> choose to store it's data files on ramdisk to make it even faster, but
> mongodb has a pretty good cache.
> - Matijn

+1 for mongo...

If you want to go crazy I would suggest looking at

http://meteor.com or derbyjs.com to build the app. They run on node
and manage the real time changes to the dom content between systems



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