I have a function that reads a directory and gets all the file names of images, 
and I am wondering if it's possible to concatinate this function withint an 
image tag. Here's an example I tried.

function pictures() {

    $dir = 'images/property_pics/';
    $file = array();
        if($open = opendir($dir)){
          while (($file = readdir($open)) !== false && $file !== ".") {
        $names = substr($file, 9, 20);
        echo $names;


$rs = $pager->paginate();
  if(!$rs) die(mysql_error());
  while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs)) {
    echo "<div id='record'>";
    echo "<span>";
    echo <im src = "images/$row[$MSL_No]pictures();">

What I am trying to do is get the last part of an image name, because I know 
the $MSL_No is always a 9 character name which matches the image name in 
but in the database, the last bit of characters are not there so I'm trying to 
take the last characters of the image name and concatinate them to each 
image name..

Wow this is harder to explain that I thought. Here's an example

In the DB I have a row MSL_No and the contents is: 123456789

In my images folder I have an image named 123456789_R13_1.jpg

My goal: get the MSL_No out of the DB and concatenate anything after it so I 
would end up with the whole image name..

I hope this all made sense. :-/ 

David M.

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