On Fri, Sep 07, 2012 at 09:58:38PM -0400, Jim Giner wrote:

> So with the announced end of the mysql functions (and switching to a
> different extension), one would think that my isp/hoster would be a
> bit more interested in my dilemma.  I tried today to create my first
> mysqli-based test script and found that I didn't have that
> extension.  A series of emails with my tech support told me that the
> shared server farm does not get "mysqli" - only their business
> servers.  Since I dont' have a need for and want to pay more for a
> 'business server', I'm told I'm s... outta luck.
> Any idea on the approximate date when mysql truly goes away - ie,
> when is the proposed (next) update that will completely refuse to
> recognize it?  Might be ammunition for me.

Please excuse my ignorance. I feel like I just stepped into the middle
of a conversation. What's this about "announced end of the mysql
functions"? Who exactly announced what, and is there a link to whatever
announcement somewhere?


Paul M. Foster

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