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Hello everyone,

        I have a very long array. I want to pull all the data from the array
from a certain position to a certain position.
$myarray = array('0'=>'me', '1'=>'you','2'=>'her','3'=>'him','4'=>'them',
Yes I know the array above it small it's an example, mine has over 150

$foundyou = array_search('you', $myarray);
$foundthem = array_search('them', $myarray);

Now I want to take all the array positions from $foundyou to $foundthem and
put their values into a variable;
For the life of me I can't remember how I did it.

I DO NOT want to foreach over the array positions that would be

Well, depends on exactly what you mean by "and put their values into a variable". Do you mean concatenate all the values into one single "flat" variable. Or do you mean to make a subset array of the values between your two points you found?

First, check out array_slice.
Second, look at join


$myarray = array(

$s_pos = array_search('you', $myarray);
$f_pos = array_search('them', $myarray);

# Calculate the length, it is needed by array_slice()
$length = ($f_pos - $s_pos);

$subset_array = array_slice($myarray, $s_pos, $length);


$all_values = join(', ', $subset_array);

echo $all_values;


Obviously, you need to add in some error checking. But that should get you started.


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