I was using gethostbyname up until recently but switched to Net_DNS2
due to lack of support for a timeout. Now I discovered some "worrying"
behaviour and hope someone here get shed some light onto it.

I am running PHP inside an Apache 2 installation as module and noticed
that once I call gethostbyname it appears to block all other
concurrent independent requests to PHP pages until the call returned.
I do seem to remember that there were some reentrant issues with the
native gethostbyname function but I wouldnt assume there is some kind
of global lock on it blocking the entire runtime.

What is even more worrying is that Net_DNS2 appears to show the same
behaviour, even though from my understanding it is supposed to work
completely independent with its own streams/sockets.

Of course this behaviour only shows with a domain with non-responding
name servers, hence I used vuav.com. You should be able to reproduce
it easily with


        echo gethostbyname('vuav.com');

        // OR ......


        $dr=new Net_DNS2_Resolver(['nameservers'=>['']]);
        echo $ans->answer[0]->address;


Could it have to do something with a configuration setting or might I
be onto something?

Thanks a lot!


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