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It has been suggested:
         That because php does not support PCNTL threading on Windows that
multiple services of php are an alternative.

I am interested in this theory, if anyone is currently working on a project
that (forks) processes off to another instance or service of PHP on windows
please let me know.
In some of my latest development I have some rather large processes that
consume the single instance of PHP, threading these off would be ideal.

$tmpsrv=win32_query =win32_create_service(array(
'params' => __FILE__." install",
'service' => 'Name_of_the_service',
'display' => 'Name of service to be displayed in the service list'

Any windows php developers have ideas, comments on this suggestion?

I'm interested in the answer to this as well.


Windows Download on downloads page, it's a couple of days behind. Keep watching ... enough to get you started ...

Sorry if this gets sent twice, the news server or my internet connection dropped out ...


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