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> I bought TiVo partially so I could skip ads. I've revelled in it every
> day since. I can watch an hour-long program in 47 minutes. (Though this
> is a sad commentary on television and cable content providers.)

Not to tangent too far here, but I'm about ready to cancel my TiVo. I've
been with them since 1999. It infuriates me to no end that they too are now
shoving their stupid ad banners into the GUI menu. I've even seen
commercials that had the "thumbs up" icon in the upper corner to "learn
more". I see the same "Bounty Paper Towels" logo in my TiVo GUI everywhere.
Don't get me started on their made-for-dumb-users crapy GUI and the
unbearably slow navigation. UGHHGHGHH!!!

I pay these bastards $15/mo basically for a TV guide. Because let's face it,
without the guide, the DVR is pretty useless.

I have a Windows7 MCE in my living room with the Ceton InfiniTV PCIe board
and this is the best PVR/DVR I have ever seen/used (and I tried many from
Myth, XBMC, MCE2005, others that are now defunct). WELL worth the initial
cost to build. Works flawlessly. 4 HD streams (per card)! No monthly fees.
Full HTPC experience with plugins even (weather, RSS, movies, etc.)

I was just approved to be on the beta testing team for the Echo due out by
year's end. I should have my testing box by month's end. Once that happens
and this thing works as I think it will (given the awesomeness of their
other products), the TiVo Premier in my bedroom will make a great backstop
for my AR-15 .223 rounds (and I will enjoy pumping that thing full of lead)

> Yes, ads are Evil(tm).

Amen. And the punishment for mass spammers should be death. I am not even
joking. It would stop quicker than a failed Nigerian phishing scam.

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