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> "unless they were a majority" is the thing that bothers me. Getting a
> majority is hard, take for example the Dutch Politics [1]. Our country
> is now led by a parliament of 10 different political parties. Getting
> things done now is really hard, because each party has their own goals
> and finding a majority is for almost impossible. If all the parties
> were strictly following their own will, there would probably only a
> handful things done. The only way to get things done now is by making
> compromises.

And so Dutch governments only last short periods of time, and it takes a long 
time to create a coalition. This is why Proportional Representation is such a 
bad idea. Better to have strong government with a clear mandate, and if you 
don't like it, vote it out next time.

By the way what does any of this have to do with PHP? Nothing, I think.

Cheers  --  Tim

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