Plaseplease update... 5.1.6 is from 2006! I read the "it's required", but I can't imagine _anything_ that it's worth it to use such an extremely outdated, unsupported and therefore insecure and inefficient version... You know: There are 3 (!) new minor versions available right now (5.2, 5.3 and 5.4).

However: Regarding your concrete problem I guess you can use ip2long()

    if (ip2long($ip)) {
    } else {


Am 20.09.2012 11:14, schrieb lx:
        I want to use filter_var function by this way:

                 $ip = "";

                 if( !filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP) )
                         echo "IP is not valid";
                          echo "IP is valid";

I want to check the string $ip is IP address or not.but my PHP version is
  and I know the filter_var requires at least PHP version 5.2.0.
so, Any other function in PHP 5.1.6 can slove this work and replace the
filter_var function ?

Thank you, I'm a new one, so I don't know much about  PHP documentation.

By the way, The PHP version is required. so I can't upgrade it.

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