Dear Lester,

Thank you very much for your attention. You gave me the exact explanation
which solved all my doubts about using PDO:Firebird.
Actually I'm building step by step a abstract layer file for general use on
these projects, and it works fine for us, using the php_interbase extension
functions. Unfortunately I can't share the code here, due to ethics
contract. But I'll stay in touch in the discussion group you've sent and
keep informed. Certainly I'll find more PHP/Firebird developers there.


2012/9/21 Lester Caine <>

> Davi Marcondes Moreira wrote:
>> The question is: why the warning message was removed, and now this
>> extension is safe for use, without risks of being discontinued or
>> depreciated?
> Davi
> The current version of the extension is stable and a number of the initial
> bugs have been cleared up. If you use it you will find that it does work
> fine, but most PHP/Firebird users - like myself - stay with the
> php_interbase driver on it's own simply because some function are not
> available via the PDO driver. That only replaces the 'data' interface and
> does not address some of the control stuff. This is the case with many of
> the PDO drivers since it is not easy to provide a 'compatible' version of
> this across all database engines.
> I've still got FB1.5 on a number of sites mainly because of legacy apps
> that can no longer be recompiled, but PHP provides an additional interface
> to fill the gaps.
>  the home for a more in depth discussion and assistance :)
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