Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On 09/21/2012 12:40 AM, Lester Caine wrote:
> I know that the php list are one of the 'reply to sender' email handling
> camp rather than reply to list. I can cope with that now and handle the
> multiple reply address problem this end so I ONLY reply to list. BUT is
> there no way of cleaning up the bounce emails we all get when posting to
> the list(s)?
> ( Waits to delete all the bounce messages for this post :) )

Doing a little checking on your IP address, I have found that your mail
server IP is listed on a black list.  Check the link below.

This could be the source of your bounce messages.

Well that is BT Internet ;) Not a lot I can do about that ...

I sporadically get a lot of messages that appear as bounces where people on the
list filter out replies and make you sign up to some web service to prove you're
a real person. Is that the sort of bounce you're talking about?

Yes ... I posted a reply earlier, and got three 'spam' warnings as well as the copy of my post. Actually it's not as bad as it has been ... I was expecting a few more after I posted the comment.

And Yes tamouse ... it's having to replace a block of return addresses with just the list address to tidy things up. A long list of addresses can build up when everyone uses 'reply all' where as many other lists just need 'reply' so nowadays I only use reply - and hopefully remember to change to the the list address :)

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