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>>> Hi gang:
>>> I know it's the Day after Friday, but I'm asking a off-topic question 
>>> anyway -- sorry.
>>> Normally, I teach a PHP class at the local college, but it got canceled 
>>> (don't ask why) -- now I'm teaching Java.
>>> So, can anyone recommend a Java list that is similar to this list?
>> Off off topic...
>> Who the hell cancels a PHP class? Do they not realize damn near the
>> whole internet runs on PHP? Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook ad
>> nauseum, not to mention Symfony, CakePHP, Code Igniter, etc.
>> Administrators! Ach!
>> Paul
> Paul:
> The class was canceled by administration and they have absolutely no 
> conception of the technology and scope that PHP brings to the table. In fact, 
> they were so opposed to PHP that when I first started teaching there they had 
> PHP removed from their servers because of security concerns. So, for me to 
> teach PHP, they were forced to install PHP/MySQL.
> Now that you asked, here's the story about my PHP class.
> The college moved the entire CIT (Computer Information Technology) department 
> five miles from the downtown campus, where it has always been, to the new 
> West campus. It's a nice campus, but no Macs -- admin said Mac don't meet 
> their ROI requirement, but that's another story.
> Of course, most students don't have transportation and there is no 
> established public transportation from main campus to west campus -- that's 
> not good.
> Knowing that the students were going to have problems with transportation and 
> that would result in a reduction in class sizes, the administration agreed to 
> allow "smaller than norma"l classes for the Fall semester. Furthermore, the 
> administration agreed to allow registration to be for a longer period than 
> normal, namely from a couple of weeks before the semester started to a week 
> after the semester started.
> Everything sounds ok, right?
> My PHP class had six students register two weeks before the class started. I 
> expected, as is custom, to pick up a couple of students after the semester 
> started thus exceeding the minimum number of student required. Furthermore, I 
> agreed to teach the class at a reduced rate if there wasn't a sufficient 
> number of students attending. BTW, administration had not made a 
> determination as to exactly what the minimum class-size should be -- keep in 
> mind, they only had two years to decide and these things take time.
> So what happened?
> Well we (the teachers) have a new contract and in that contract is a 
> provision that allows for a reduced class size IF the teacher agrees to teach 
> it at a reduced rate -- which I agreed to do. However, administration became 
> confused as to how to pay a full time teacher IF they taught an undersized 
> class. So, their solution was to cancel ALL under sized classes before the 
> semester started. That way there would be no confusion as to what to pay.
> Now, in my case I am the only teacher to teaches PHP, so there would be no 
> full time teacher that might teach it. I am also an adjunct (part time) 
> teacher and as such there is no confusion as to my pay. I am simply paid 
> hourly and a reduced class size would result in my rate being reduced. So, 
> there was absolutely no reason what-so-ever for my class to be cancelled. 
> Leaps and bounds of illogic.
> This is just another example of how administration makes decisions. It would 
> be nice if administration decisions were made with respect to "what is best 
> for the student" as compared to this type of nonsense.
> Cheers,
> tedd
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Oh, Administrators!! The bane of teachers everywhere. The anti-teacher.

Maybe you could slip a little PHP in on the Java kids... :)

Unfortunately, I have no Java list resources...

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