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> On 26.09.2012 23:20 CE(S)T, Stuart Dallas wrote:
>> If you mean what C# calls a static constructor, no that does not
>> exist in PHP, but you can fake it.
> Okay, thank you for the quick info.
> How do other languages than C# call that? :-)

They generally don't. C# is the only language I've ever come across that 
support such a thing, and I only found that by accident because it would never 
occur to me to look for it.

> My class is a debug helper class, that can write trace messages and so
> on. I have added a random per-request tag to distinguish concurrent
> requests in the trace file and thought that generating such a tag would
> perfectly fit in a static constructor. Now a helper function does that
> check and generates one on the first call of the method.

I would strongly recommend a singleton, or if you must use a static class you 
can either use the initialisation mechanism I described or, if the class has a 
single method as I'm guessing, have that method check the static variable to 
see if it's been set yet, and if not generate it before doing anything else.


Stuart Dallas
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