Hi everyone, I have been playing around with some code the list helped me with 
a while back and I'm not grasping the concept between return and echo and the 
PHP manual doesn't answer this, unless I'm missing something. There is an 
example at the very bottom of PHP's return manual, but it's confusing.

So now I'm left wondering why return will only give me the first result in an 
array, but echo will give me all the results of the array. Using stuart's 
example he had sent me a while back I've messed around with it and modified it 
to better understand it:

function filename($prefix)
  $matches = glob('images/property_pics/'.$prefix.'*');
  foreach($matches as $filename){
  return $filename;

echo completeImageFilename($row['MLS_No']);

With the above code I only get the first image of each picture name, but when I 
change return to echo, it groups and displays all the pics that have the same 
picture name.

David M.

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