I an trying to figure out how to remove lines from a text file from
  within an array.
  I fill the array with this
  $recordsarray = file ("../auto/records");

  The lines I what to remove have this in them
    $remove = "schopf.net ";

   What I need is how to loop through this array and pull out the lines
   that have what is in the $remove variable.

   Then I will write the array to a temp file and thin copy it back to
   the records file

  This is a small sample of the file I what two remove lines from
 mx - schopf.net High www.schopf.net
ptr - readinggenius.tv 24
a - time-management-by-higher-productivity.com 24
ptr www speedreading123.com 24
ptr - mindbodyspirit123.com 24
a www schopf.net 24
soa - schopf.net 
dns1.northwesthost.com:dns2.northwesthost.com:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:10800:3600:604800:86400

Best regards,

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