I've been getting spam comments on my personal blog (runs on
self-written PHP blog software). I'd like to test some methods I've
devised to prevent or block it. Does anyone know of a very lightweight
framework for simulating an automated "form fill-out" on a site?
Something where you could just add some code to designate the site for
the "attack" and then what fields you wanted to send?

This should be a relatively simple task for PHP and curl, but I'm not
really familiar with the headers and that part of the HTTP conversation.
Yes, I know this is a risky question for a public list. Feel free to
contact me privately if you think the answer shouldn't be in the
archives of a public list. Likewise, if you can point me to a source of
quickly absorbable research on the subject. I frankly don't know how I'd
google such a thing.


Paul M. Foster

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