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> OK I've spent the last two hours going through pages of crap generated by 
> google, and that includes google crap created by searches on sites like 
> - cause mainly of cause by php pages on sites 
> supporting other languages :(
> Certainly it seems that PHP is preferred even to website java and ruby ...
> I had some problems over the weekend with the network here and decided it was 
> time to get some monitoring in place locally. cacti simply loaded up and I 
> have working system, but now I'm having trouble getting SNMP sorted on the 
> target machines. So I started looking for an editor to handle the MIB data 
> and keep hitting one dead end after another.
> I'm sure there must be something out there using php-snmp for a browser?
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Xenoss is a python solution with tons of monitoring capability. It's well worth 
a look

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