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On 2012-10-15, at 8:16 PM, David McGlone <> wrote:

> I've been sitting here playing around with foreach() and I'm wondering why I 
> am getting these results. here's what I've been fooling around with. the code 
> has no perticular meaning, but I noticed if the script fails, I get the 
> sentence "Too expensive I'm going home LOL" 6 times because there are 6 words 
> in the sentence. I also have a database that looks like this:
> product_id        product        price
> 1                Milk        2.59
> 2                bread        1.05
> And when $row is equal to 0 the output I get is
> 1 1 Milk Milk 2.59 2.59 Which is printed to the screen according to how many 
> rows are in the db I belive.
> So my question is why this behavior? I was expecting something like a while 
> loop.
> -- 
> David M.


Foreach is an iterator over an array. Your $row is a pointer to a db result 
set. If you were to pass the $row result set to the foreach as an array, you'd 
get what you think you should
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