On 20-10-2012 21:52, admin wrote:

        Let me first apologize for a couple syntax errors I had in the real 
quick explanation.
I answered your question in relationship to your knowledge of the subject based 
on the question it's self.

I want to apologize for the comments that followed my reply, seems some people 
can't make constructive comments
if their life depended on it. While the more complex version in PDO is the 
preferred method to obtain objects
from mysql. This does require you to have the basic fundamentals of object 
oriented programming skills,
which I am guessing at this point you do not have based on how the question was 

There are many people in the list who will gladly point you in the direction to 
learning aids and tutorials to get you started.

Good Luck :)

Hi "admin" (whoever you are),

from your message I guess you are reacting to my reply. I dislike that you say that I "can't make constructive comments if their [my] life depended on it" based on a single post. In my defense, I first of all wasn't talking to the OP directly, but rather adding to a remark by Tamara (tamouse). This remark contained the exact steps that the OP should have followed to actually get anywhere (though not at all in detail, I must admit). Whereas with the steps you provided: "just use this code", the OP will 'use' it and not learn a damned thing.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is: please don't be overly critical about the reactions you see when people respond to questions which show an obvious lack of trying (where a simple google search would answer the question).

And if you do want to be that critical, do it on a personal level. In other words: contact me personally, not hidden inside a message which has nothing to do with it.

- Tul

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